Experimental Creatives Collective
Experimental Creatives Collective

We're creating a place for those interested in experimental creativity!

Why You Should Join

This is a community for anyone who wants to move beyond form in their creative work. It is not limited to writers, it welcomes creatives of all mediums. By joining this community you will have the opportunity to connect with like minded folks who want to push the boundaries of what genre can be. You will join a community of artists who want to push and shape what creativity can be. This is a place to share resources and information about experimentations in creative practice. 

A Big Thanks

First of all thank you to everyone who joins this community, your contributions will build our community. 

Secondly thanks to all of the people who have taken courses with Tawnya Selene Renelle, your love of writing and creating and expanding your practice inspires her every single day.

Lastly thanks to all the artists, writers, performers, musicians and people who take risks with their creativity!

*Banner Image by Maria Sledmere